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Facility Donations
HighBridge Hills Northern Lights Educational Center's Astronomy Camp
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Here is a list of our Out Building Needs

Buildings 1 & 2 Bunkhouses- Insulated, floor heat with storage lockers.
Need $55,000      Donated $0
Building 3 Showers, restrooms- Need $23,000     Donated $0
Building 4 Rec/mess hall- Need $34,000   Donated $12,000 to go $22,000
Building 5 storage- Need $13,200  Donated $0

Tables & chairs for 60-70 people.  DONATED!
2 double well stainless steel sinks.  DONATED!
1 commercial sized stainless steel refrigerator, new/used.
Large commercial 6-8 burner stove with working oven.
70 place settings of commercial/restaurant style dishes
70 place setting of stainless steel silverware
Various kitchen utencils, spatula, flippers, tongs etc.

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