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HighBridge Hills Northern Lights Educational Center's Astronomy Camp

NLAF Registration

How do I register my child for camp?
We have made several ways available for you to register yourself/your child.

What other forms are needed for camp?

Below is a list of other forms needed for camp (click here to be taken to the forms page where you can download all forms needed for camp)

  • Medical Form
  • Photo Release

Is their a cut off date for registration?

Yes, all campers must have their registration forms in with a deposit no later then 8 weeks before they arrive at camp.

What are your session dates?

Because we are a unique residential camp offering sessions for all ages, we recommend that you make sure the dates you pick are age appropriate.  We have 6 sessions for kids 7-15, 5 sessions for families and 4 sessions for adults 16 +.  See session schedule by clicking here. 

What to Bring
What should I/my child bring to camp?
We have provided a list to help prepare you for camp. We urge you to check off items as you pack.

click here to download camp packing list

How may I communicate with my child while they are at camp?
Unless it is an emergency we do not allow phones calls while at camp, although we do encourage you to email your child.  Writing a letter is not recommended, they are away at camp for 6 days and nights and by the time the letter reaches your child they may already be home. To write to your child by email you must:

*All emails will be delivered to camper at lunch 

How do I contact the camp in case of an emergency?

You will receive in your camp registration the information needed to phone in an emergency.


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