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HighBridge Hills Northern Lights Educational Center's Astronomy Camp

NLAF Registration

Policies, Procedures, Facilities & More

Policies & Procedures
How will my child get to camp?
Parents/Guardians are responsible for getting campers to and from camp.
Is there an airport nearby?
Yes, the small Kennedy airport is located in Ashland Wisconsin.  If your child/you are flying in we can arrange airport pick up/drop off for a small fee.
Drop Off & Pick Up Procedures
Where do we check in when we arrive at camp?
The camp office is where you need to check in, just follow the signs?
What forms are needed at check?
All forms should already be sent in upon arrival, but you will need to sign the camper in and out of camp. * PLEASE NOTE: CAMPERS WILL NOT BE RELEASED TO ANYONE OTHER THEN THE PERSON NAMED ON REGISTRATION FORM.
How early can we check in for camp?
Camp check in is Sundays from 12 Noon until 1 PM, we do not accept any campers before then, although you may arrive early we ask that you stay with your vehicle.
How early can I pick up my child from camp?
Camp check out is Saturdays from Noon until 1 PM.  Please do not expect your child to be ready before then.
Where do I pick up my child?
You will directed to the campers cabin for pick up, then you must sign camper out of camp in the office.
What happens if I can not pick up my child from camp?
No camper will be released to ANYONE other then those person/persons listed on the registration form.  If you think this may happen please put an additional parent/adult name on form.  Again we can not release any camper to anyone other then those approved by parents on registration. 
During Camp
What happens if my child get hme sick while at camp?
Although we can handle most cases fo home sickness, there is that rare occurance where we may need to call home to assure the camper all is OK at home.
What happens if my child gets hurt or injured at camp?
HHNLEC has a medical  staff available 24 hours a day, the staff will access the situation and treat it accordingly. In the event of serious injury your child will be taken to nearest hospital  You will be notified of such incidents.
What happens if my child does not want to take part in an activity?
We will encourage your child to participate in all activities, but in the event they do not want to we will arrange for them to attend another activity or workshop.
How many campers are in camp at one time?
Because our approach to astronomy education in an interactive, hands on learning experience & with the majority of time is spent one on one with instructors, we limit enrollment at camp to 40 campers per week.
Where will my child sleep?
Campers sleep in bunk houses with up to 19 other girls/boys and counsels.
Will my child need any extra money while at camp?
Yes! We recommend that you send more than $20.  As a group we will travel to Ashland for some sightseeing, shopping and  lunch. 
What if my child is a vegetarian?
We strive to provide fresh and tasty meals to all campers.  If your child has special diet requirements, please make use of the camper profile to let us know this before they arrive at camp.  Our fully trained staff is capable of coming up with dishes to suit all diets. The camp director also has a background in food service and she will guarantee your child will love the food. 

About Our Director

Camp Staff


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