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HighBridge Hills Northern Lights Educational Center's Astronomy Camp
Workshops and Classes

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Hands on Astronomy
HHNLEC upcoming workshops
  • Beginng Astronomy- Learn what's important to beginner's.  Make your own starfinder and learn about the different equipment available to you.
  • Making a Solar Filter for your Dob Mounted Reflector- Make you r solar filter, perfect for viewing the Sun in daylight.
  • Make Your Own Telescope
  • Starhopping 101- Learn how real astronomers search the sky for astronomical objects
  • Tour Our Night Sky- Using our telescopes and yours we will guide you as we take a trip starting at the Moon located 250,000 miles from Earth all the way to the Andromeda Galaxy located a whopping 2.2 million light years from Earth, and everythnig in between. And some objects far beyond our local Solar System.

All our workshops are held on Saturdays & are limited 25 . HHNLEC workshops run from October through May. 

For more information email us with your information request in the Subject line of the email. CLICK HERE!

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