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HighBridge Hills Northern Lights Educational Center's Astronomy Camp
Camp Testimonials

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HHNLEC strives to provide a fun an educational experience for our campers, below are some testimonials and pictures from camp.

In a well thought way I beleive this camp is a wonderful expereince for all those who seek the knowledge odf the stars.  I would even consider this camp as an adventure camp because of all the wonderful things we did during the day.  Some included horseback riding, fishing, hiking and so much more.  It is also a great place to meet friends from all over.  This has been one of my best expereinces in all my 13 years and I hope many more will enjoy the same.  I would also like to say that Mary Kay is a wonderful lady and thank her for a week of fun.
Thanks everyone,
Leo from PA

I think this camp has improved my ability to work with people and was a great expereince for me.  The hiking got me to exercise, which is good because I never exercise.  The observing was great and the telescopes are really nice and it gets pitch black out here and you can see things like constellations the bologna (Aurora) Moon, and planets.  Even though the bunks houses were not finished, the tents were nice and didn't leak.  I had a greta time here. Personally the golf wasn't the greatest but then I don't like golf, everything else was great and so was the food Mary Kay is an excellent person, very understanding and a good teacher.  I came here not knowing anyone and left with everyone my friend.  I learned about the Andromeda and North American Nebulas, stars such as Denab, Altair & Vega.
See you next Year,
Amanda from WI.