HighBridge Hills Northern Lights Educational Center's Astronomy Camp
NLAF Registration

NLAF Registration

Either download registration form below or copy and paste into WORD.

NLAF Registration Form

Highbridge Hills Northern Lights Astronomy Festival 2003 Registration form


Please Print:
Name _______________________________________________________________

Address _____________________________________________________________

, State, Zip _____________________________

Phone ____________________________________ Email: _____________________


Registration prior to September 3, 2003:

Number in party (Age 8 and over) @ $50.00 each $___________ (Children 8 & under are FREE)

Note:  After September 3, 2003 you must register at the site.  The cost is $100.00 per person (Age 8 and over) Entrance fee is $25 a day for non-campers

 Please indicate the number & size of short sleeved souvenir T-shirts @ $18.00 each. 

Med ____ Large ____ X-Large____ XX-Large____ XXX-Large____


T-shirt total: ___________ (# of shirts X $18 each)

Please list totals

 *Registration fee: $______________

 T-shirt purchase: $______________ 

*The registration fee includes the cost of tent and camper sites

Please Note: No electric is available in campground.


                        Total:  $_________________

(Total should include registration, T-shirts)


Please make your check or money order payable to the Highbridge Hills Northern Lights Educational Center.  Mail this form and your payment to:


P.O. Box 85

Highbridge, WI. 54846