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Join us for a Sneak Peek at the Nation's 1st campground dedicated to amateur astronomers & Dark Sky Camping!
OCTOBER 11-13, 2002

The HighBdrige Hills Northern Lights Educational Center and Campground would like to invite you to the Fall Fling Campout.  For years now the STARS Foundation has provided hands on learning opportunities to students, communities and individuals who sought out to learn more about astronomy. 
Through our hard work and perseverance it finally paid off.  The STARS Foundation and formed a partnership with Granite Ridge Construction to build the nation's first astronomy camp & campground.  But in order to make this a success we need your help.  Come out and join us for a weekend of fun, exploration and planning.  Be a part of HHNLEC from the ground up and watch your ideas blossom into reality.   Be the first ones to experience our dark skies and natural beauty, be there before the crowds to see this amazing campground before it opens to the public!
Topics for open discussion that weekend.
  • What do you need to camp comfortably?
  • Lighting regulations?
  • Parking restrictions?
  • Campground planning and set up. (How would you design the land to provide dark quiet sites for campers)
  • How dark is our skies.
  • Observatory plans and input.
  • Planetarium plans and input.
  • Outreach progamming.
  • Much more.....

Dates for Fall Fling are October 11-13, 2002

Location: High Bridge, Wisconsin

HighBridge Hills Northern Lights Educational Center


Please note that this is an informal event, before the crowds, noise & there will be NO, flush toilets, showers, and electricity or dump stations at this event.  This is a pre-view of the campground for NEXT YEAR.


Please print 2 copies of this registration form.  Send 1 to Mary Kay Duran, 3543 N. Oakley, Chicago, IL, Along with a check or money order (ONLY) for your full payment of $30.  Keep 1 copy for your records.

Memberships are available and entitle the member to 100 nights of camping, use of observatory, planetarium and all amenities over the next 5 years.

Printable version of registration

Fall Fling Registration

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